Pilgrims cross from Poland

 Gold Jesus

This cross looks pretty at home in the Hills of cross even if it is taller than most crosses there. Pilgrims cross from PolandWhat makes this crucifix extra special is the gold image of Jesus image which seems to shine its light on those who seek his guidance.

Travelers the world over travel all the way to Lithuania to say a prayer and to leave their own crosses there, either in memory of someone they love, to seek penance or ask for something.

The growth in the number of crosses in Hills of crosses started in 1944 when it was occupied by the Soviet Union. From 400 in 1938, the number of chrystian cross here have grown to more than 5,000 beginning 1961.

Travelers from all over the world come to visit Hill of crosses in Lithuania. See more crosses: Cross from Poland Liturgizna Sluzba

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