Wooden cross at the hills of crosses

Pilgrims from the Cross High School W Konarskiego Vilnius left this wooden cross at the hills of crosses in Lithuania. The number of crosses left on the hills has grown from only 130 in 1900 to more than 100,000 in 2006.

Through the years, the hills of crosses have served as a mute witness to the strength of Catholicism in Lithuania.

Vilnius is a town in Lithuania so it is not surprising at all that students there also contribute to the practice of leaving their crosses behind in order to pray for lost souls or to ask for petitions. You will be surprised at the number of pilgrims who travel to Lithuania from some other countries just to leave their crosses on the hills.

Cross Szkola Srednia Sz Konarskiego Wilnie

The history of Lithuania is characterized by many uprisings including the unsuccessful rebellion of the Poles against the Russians when it was incorporated in the Russian Empire in 1795.