How to get

Visit hill of Crosses going by car:

Find a way A12 going to Riga. From Siauliai City it’s about 12 kilometres. On the right site you will see  “KRYŽIŲ KALNAS – 2 km” ( Hill of Crosses – 2 km.) turn right.

Reach hill of crosses going by bus:

 Find Hill of Crosses

Find The main Siauliai bus station. From the second station SIAULIAI – JONISKIS:

7.25 a.m. 8.25 a.m. 10.25 a.m. 12.15 a.m. 1.10 p.m.  2.15 p.m.  3.40 p.m.  5.05 p.m.
Get off on DOMANTŲ station (third from ŠIAULIAI).

From DOMANTAI station  goes to  ŠIAULIAI:
8.02 a.m. 9.37 a.m. 10.55 a.m. 12.12 a.m. 1.20 p.m. 2.20 p.m.  3.07 p.m.  5.32 pm.

Hill of crosses on the Google maps