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St. Peter and Paul Cathedral

Siauliai St. Peter and Paul Cathedral – is the Renaissance Mannerism architecture work in Lithuania. 70-meter tower is visible from a distance towards the Siauliai from either side. Somebody say’s that the current stone church was built in 1595 – 1625. Before that there was a small, probably, a wooden church, built in 1445. 1643 the church tower had four bells.
Circumvented the circle around the cathedral, you’ll see one of the oldest solar clock in Lithuania.


Aušros takas str. 3, Šiauliai.


St. George Church


Church with two towers was built in 1909. Russian authorities built a large brick Orthodox church for Siauliai military personnel. Church wasn‘t used after the end of World War I and after the Russian army’s withdrawal from Lithuania. Pastor Justinas Lapė had invoked St. Georges church for Catholics. In 1919 Church was consecrated. In 1923 was finally completed. In 1976 part of the church has burned, but the altars and the great tower was damaged not very strong.

 Kražių str. 17, Šiauliai.


 St. Loyola Ignatius Church

In 1936 by the care of priest Benediktas Andriuška was built a stone oratory. There were working two brothers Jesuits and one priest. In 1948 after Antanas Šeškevičius was exiled, the church became as a warehouse, later as a sports hall.  In 1990 Church returned to the faithful. 1993 there was a visit of Pope John Paul II.

 Vilniaus str. 247 b., Šiauliai.

Golden Boy

Sun clock often called “Golden boy” is a symbol of Siauliai history. This symbol reminds us about Sun War that took place in Siauliai area. Also it is a symbol of Siauliai city name, that was first time mentioned in 1236. Golden boy is the tallest sun clock in Lithuania.

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