Cross left by pilgrims from the USA

This silver cross comes with a dark brown statute of Jesus which creates a contrast to the light color of the cross. This catholic cross is one of the thousands of crosses left by pilgrims from the USA and some other countries who travelled to Lithuania to set up their crosses. American pilgrims

are among those who have flocked the hill of crosses to pay their respects to those who have died for freedom. The practice of leaving crosses on the hill has become popular through the years that no one can be certain when it all started. The hill of crosses is located in Siauliai City in Lithuania but despite its location, pilgrims do not hesitate to visit the site no matter where the come from.

Jesus cross is made of silver and is installed on Hill of crosses in Baltic countries.  You can see more crosses that were left by travelers from USA: Wood Cross left by Catholic from USA

Metalic cross

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