Wood crosses on Hill of Crosses from USA

Crosses sent from United States

 These wooden crosses look so attractive with the rosaries hanged on them. These catholic crosses were either sent by pilgrims from the United States or left there personally by pilgrims who travelled to Lithuania to fulfill their promise.

Wood crosses on Hill of Crosses from USA
USA Wood cross

The act of going on a pilgrimage is pretty common among catholics whose faith is based on the death of Jesus on the cross. For catholics, the cross means liberation of humanity from sin. It may not have been planned but the establishment of the hill of crossses in Lithuania is just right considering the many challenges experienced by its people when it comes to protecting their faith and their freedom. This may be the reason why people started to put up different types of crosses on the hill after the uprising in 1918.

Travelers and pilgrims come to visit Hill if crosses in Lithuania from United States of America.  See more cross images from USA: Cross from USA. Crosses on Hill of Crosses

Wooden cross in Lithuania

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