Cross from Suvalki

Wooden cross from Suvalki – Poland

Chrystian crosses are a common sight at the Hills of crosses, brought by pilgrims who travel from everywhere in the world to Lithuania to leave their crosses behind.

One such catholic cross that can be found at the hills of crosses is this cross from Suvalki, a town in Poland which became the center of trade during the Podlaskie Voivodeship. The Camaldolese monks founded the village and made it a popular center for worship after the construction of a church and a monastery by the monks.

The faith of the pilgrims from the town may have been strengthened when Pope John Paul II stopped over the scenic town on his way to his Poland pilgrimage in 1999. Now you see evidences of this faith with the wooden cross left behind by a Pilgrim from Suvalki.

Cross from Suvalki

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