Catholic cross cam from pilgrims

At first glance, this image does not really look like a cross but with the statue of Jesus right on the middle, you will realize that the owner of this cross is very creative. The maker of the cross utilized several pieces of wood fixed together to form a cross.

This catholic cross cam from pilgrims who travel to Lithuania to pay their respects to those who have died ahead. This cross was meant to be a permanent fixture here with the inscription “Lord let your lights shine through us”. Luthuania was made part of the Russian Empire and this resulted to several uprisings between 1831 and the year 1863. With so many deaths during that time, the crosses added up creating a surreal cemetery with thousands of crosses planted on the ground.

Pilgrims from Lithuania who lives abroad left a cross on the hill of Cross image Cross from Germany in Lithuania. Visit Catholics Pilgrimage. It is written on the cross “Lord let your lights shine through us”.

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