Travelers from Austria 

This metal cross stand out from the wooden crosses that surround it at the hill of crosses. Left by pilgrims from Austria who identified themselves as Parish Pilgrimage Pfarkirchen i.Mkr Austria, this cross is evident of the increasing popularity of the practice of leaving gold cross,

silver cross and other types of cross on the soil of this sacred place. Thousands of catholic cross surround this small piece of land, left here pilgrims who travel to Lithuania to leave their own crosses behind, Some go on pilgrimage as a way of syaing thank you while others go on a pilgrimage to request for intercession. The practice of going on pilgrimages was made centuries ago, specifically to places where Jesus ministered to the people. Since then, other pilgrimages were made to sites identified with the Virgin Mary and the Christian martyrs.

 Nice metal cross image. See more images: Cross from Asia on Hill of crosses

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